ART Research Lab

Scientific research gives us insight into understanding, valuing, managing and preserving art and heritage. As a scientific research and knowledge centre, we offer the possibility to perform a variety of analyses.

We conduct scientific research to analyse your art or heritage object, guarantee their preservation, detect risk factors and develop tailor-made techniques for treatment where possible. The Art Research Lab works in accordance with the principles of an integrated risk-management approach, whereby the use of harmful pesticides and methods is kept to a minimum. Preferably, the emphasis is on preventive measures. Integrated control consists of 5 steps: detect, block, limit, combat, prevent.

We offer a wide range of services and products to prevent or minimise the potential risks inherent in the management of a collection, such as security systems, preventive conservation that ensures objects’ safety by assisting or tweaking future storage measures, emergency services (offered at different levels), CHV-kits, IPM, drawing up collection plans and risk analyses. We also conduct research to optimise museum depots' interior, size, storage furniture, and pest control. 

Results for your organisation:

  • Detecting and eliminating the damage factor

  • Establishing clear guidelines to limit future risks as much as possible

  • A structured approach and ethic, at a European level

  • Treatment of objects after the damage has occurred

Due to the unique character of each object or collection, we always provide a personal approach. If you are curious about what we can do for you or want more information about one of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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