Art in Public Space

The maintenance of art in public space, or KIOR, has different risk factors than within collections. The works are constantly ravaged by weather conditions, and are also publicly accessible - in other words, sensitive to vandalism. The works, therefore, require an approach aimed at minimising the damage caused by these two risk factors. In addition, our policy is always based on the ethical guidelines for restorers, which distinguish us from regular cleaning companies. Because the works are exposed to rain, air and dirt, it is vital to check and clean them regularly.

Art Salvage offers (multi-) annual maintenance contracts in which the (periodic) maintenance and restoration are recorded. When concluding the contract, an inventory of the condition of all objects is carried out. The Horus Condition Report app is used for this, in which photographs of, say, damaged spots can also be added directly. A maintenance and restoration plan are then drawn up for one or more years for each object.

Examples of treatments

Surface cleaning | Applying protective layers | Removing biological damage | Removing graffiti | Treating corrosion | Retouching | Filling gaps

Maintenance Art in Public Space

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