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One of the most important steps to ensure that a heritage collection remains in good condition is to optimise the storage areas and the indoor climate. If the climate is not up to standard, the degradation processes of the objects can accelerate, resulting in all kinds of damage. In addition, we take the threat of biological damage by pests and fungi very seriously. To prevent this, we can carry out climate checks. This involves mapping and analysing factors that can influence a climate, after which an advisory report is issued.

The implementation of climate control proceeds as follows:

  • Inventory: the situation is recorded on-site, and measurements are taken if necessary.

  • Analysis: the data from the inventory is analysed and included in an advisory report.

  • Implementation: the recommendations from the report are implemented in the relevant space.

The building where the depot/storage space is located influences the conditions in which the collection is found: whilst an attic space has a greater chance of high temperatures, a cellar will usually be damp. The building itself can also significantly influence the climate, for example the building materials can absorb a lot of heat without the right amount of ventilation. As such, the quality of the building is considered when issuing advice about the climatic conditions.

A stable indoor climate contributes to the object’s condition. Many museum depots have a climate system that regulates temperature, relative humidity and air quality. These systems can also sometimes malfunction, which disrupts the climate in the depot. If this happens, we can come on-site to evaluate the problem and respond immediately. In addition to such depots, many storage areas cannot be equipped with a climate system. In these areas, careful monitoring it is even more critical. For this, we use, among other things, data loggers that can be read remotely. Based on the generated data, we can draw up a plan to stabilise the climate with, for example, dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

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