Online Art Database

Three professionals developed the Amy Art App from the cultural sector to facilitate art management. It is the first fully online database that can be used for art collections. The database has been specially developed for galleries, sculpture gardens, managers of heritage collections and managers of art in public space.

The Amy Art App offers insight into your collection through various tools. You can register your works in the app, keep track of where loans are going, or add a restoration report. In addition, the information and photos of the objects can be made available on a public wall, where they will be visible to everyone. Here you will find a link to the subscriptions that you can take out on the website itself. In addition, we offer packages in which we provide support with the management and implementation of the app.

·   Full version (unlimited number of objects and 3 administrators) incl. 10 hours of support by Art Salvage when creating a template and registering the first 10 works of art: €875 per year.

·   Full version (unlimited number of objects and 3 administrators) managed by Art Salvage: €750 - + (number of artworks times €5)

A selection of our work