Art Conservation has experience in preserving and restoring sculptures in indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to traditional materials such as (natural) stone, bronze or wood, modern works of art such as plastic, polyester, wax, paper and even expanded polystyrene are known to us.

For all your questions about the restoration and conservation of sculptures, please contact us to discuss the options.

Preventive conservation is intervening in the environment intending to slow down the decay of your sculpture or prevent damage. To guarantee the preservation of sculptures, the best conditions must be created. We can support you with, among other things, the storage, manipulation, packaging and presentation of the objects. 

Active conservation is the intervention on the object to counteract degradation processes. The aim is to achieve minimal and reversible intervention. An example of this is cleaning or applying a coating to sculptures so that the risk of damage from dirt and climate is reduced.

Restoration is the direct intervention on damaged or degraded objects to improve their legibility while respecting the aesthetic, historical and physical integrity as much as possible.

We restore for heritage institutions and private individuals and offer flexibility regarding extensive collections, outdoor sculptures or large-sized objects.

Documentation is of great importance. After the treatment, a final report is drawn up in which all examinations and treatments are described in detail, based on photos. This offers the customer insight into the restoration process. Openness about our work is an essential pillar within our company.

You can contact us for a variety of treatments:

Cleaning | Consolidation | Bonding | Applying fillings | Retouching | Manufacturing of replicas from casting materials | Desalting


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We offer various methods for material-technical research into sculptures. The choice is mainly made for non-invasive analysis. For example, we can conduct microscopic research into the materials, finishing layers and degradation processes of works of art.

3D Imaging

Sometimes monumental sculptures are attached to a building that is being demolished or renovated. It is not always possible or feasible to remove and relocate the artworks. You can then choose to scan the artwork digitally. The scanned information is converted into a digital 3D image and can make a replica of the work of art.

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