About ART Salvage

Art Salvage & Art Conservation NL has many years of experience in preserving art and cultural heritage. Piet van Dalen and Jan Stokmans founded Art Conservation in 1991 as a restoration studio for paper. Today, the company has amassed more than 30 years of expertise in the fields of conservation, research and restoration, encompassing a variety of restoration disciplines that include: Modern & Contemporary Art, Paintings, Paper & Book, Sculptures, Ceramics and Archaeology.

In recent years, Art Salvage has developed into a leading organisation that also provides services and products which prevent or minimise the possible risks inherent in managing a collection/s. For example, security systems for art or heritage objects, art transport and installation, preventive conservation that secures future storage, managing asbestos, Integrated Pest Management, soot penetration and mold analysis. We also offer 24/7 emergency service (in the event of water, fire or storm damage), issuing advice and drawing up collection emergency plans and risk analyses.

In addition, Art Salvage & Art Conservation NL provides tailor-made training courses for individuals or groups in disaster mitigation/awareness, how to manage collections, art handling and mould prevention/investigation. 

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Art Salvage BV | for advice, consultation, projects in management and conservation, courses and calamities

Art Conservation Europe | for restoration and conservation projects


Art Salvage BVBA | for advice, consultation, projects in management and conservation, courses, calamities and restoration/conservation projects