Security of Artworks

Art Salvage regularly receives reports of works of art that have been damaged due to vandalism or theft. A distinction can be made here between art in public space and art within collections. Outside, works of art are more likely to be daubed with graffiti or fall prey to rowdy residents. Inside, works of art yield a lot in terms of value, making them attractive to thieves. Art Salvage has been developing security systems for both types of objects since 2011.


Art Salvage has developed a security method in recent years aimed at preventive damage and is suitable for works of art from large to small size. Due to the modest dimensions of the Art Tag, it can, for example, be attached to the back of a picture frame.

In the event of gross violence, excessive vibration or displacement, an alarm signal is activated, and an SMS or e-mail message are sent to the owner of the artwork in question.

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