Transport & Art-Handling

The transport of art entails specific problems due to the fragility of the objects. Not only is the risk of mechanical damage due to impact and vibration greater, but the climate during transport can also affect your object/s. It is therefore essential to plan transportation well in advance by collaborating with recognised companies. Art Salvage has the expertise to accompany and carry out all your transports: from the most petite prints to the most prominent sculptures.

Method for assisting with a step-by-step transport plan

  • Condition check and reports for object/s

  • Packaging

  • Transport (internal or external), supervised by an art-handler or specialised conservator-restorer

  • Unpacking the object/s on location

  • Condition check and reports for objects

A quick way to gain insight into the state of your collection is to perform a quick scan. This can be performed in two different ways: for the collection as a whole or for individual objects. We use the Horus Condition Report App for this. Based on this database, we generate reports on site, including photos. The advantage of this is that you can immediately have the report on hand, and add it to a registration system.

A condition report should be drawn up for an object or collection before and after transport. Our art handlers and conservation-restoration advisors can assist you with the transport itself, as well as the performance of the condition check.

It is also possible to have parts of the registration of your collection carried out by our employees. We have experience with various museum registration systems such as Adlib and TMS.

In addition to transporting heritage objects, such as establishing loans or transferring objects from one depot to another, we can also relocate works of art. We can do this for a variety of medias, from monumental objects to wall reliefs or large outdoor sculptures. Bear in mind that some of these objects can not be moved in one piece, or need to be restored before moving. Art Salvage offers a tailor-made solution for every work or collection.

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